December 14, 2011

Forget Fast Forward (I'd Love To Rewind Sometimes)

I underestimate my ability to be able to watch a movie more than once. The thing is, the number of times shoots up like the thermometer does when you're actually unwell. I haven't given this much thought, you know, about counting, but when I like something, I'd like it to be repeated. Repetition is a magical feeling. Like those moments you wait for to happen, again, and whence they do, oh my, THAT feeling.
That is why, songs and movies are kind of like my saviors. You can stop them whenever you want and how many ever times you want. That is, of course, if you have them in possession (virtually, maybe?).
Moments, real moments, are hard to keep and be repeated. At least that is what I think. Or have an understanding of. Life, in general, has to be full of surprises, agreed; however, we do wait for things to happen, again. Especially those things that are most difficult. Some people who are lucky to relive those moments again, are just REALLY lucky. Of course, photographs are said to capture unforgettable memories, and I definitely abide by this, but, some things just need to happen again. All over again.
(Just so you know, there are many things that I would like to have repeated, many things/moments, but, not one in particular, yet)
A cry for repetition, is also a reason for mending.
I hope things get repeated at all times, or a simple photograph helps me clear all my doubts and confusion, reason for my happiness, that tingly feeling, everything, about a certain moment.
But, at the same time, I begin to feel that things should be the way they are meant to be. Otherwise, how else will we figure ourselves out?

"Take a broom and clean the dust,
While things lay
On the table
To rust.

This rust will last,
But, at least,
The dust
Will become a thing of the past.
Some things need to be forgotten,
Some things remembered.
It's up to you,
To make it rain for you in November."

Bliss to you.

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