April 30, 2012

A Bad Day Story

Day starts off to a
Weakness inside,
Which ceases to mend
Till you forget, in time.

A long time it seems,
But, nevertheless,
You keep to waiting,
Till you achieve for what you tread.

And when there is
No one close,
You'd still keep on waiting,
Until you know...

That you are closer
To yourself,
People make you think it's bad,
But, it is what helps.

April 28, 2012

The Winner Within

For all the glory
That we have left,
The glory within that withers
Is what is felt.

A grim truth,
But, one noteworthy
Of defining the balance of things
And making one weary.

Tied up and slow,
But, still racing,
Events that occur while you're sleeping,
Are those one ends up embracing.

April 19, 2012

Gift Yourself Your Present

When you sneak back in to the past and realize that things that could have been mended were left too soon, you also realize why you never let them mend. This realization may come at a time when you are not too happy, nor are you too sad, but just, hanging somewhere in the middle, in that moment of ponder over the thought of whether tomorrow will be beautiful or not.

And yes, tomorrow will be beautiful, if you want it to be beautiful.

Before sleeping, most of us think about those wonderful moments that brought us past those days that we'd thought would never end, and it is during this time that we also tend to start thinking about the mending, the mending of the past. But, what is the past when one wants to re-do it, correct it, MEND it?

Won't the past eventually become our present, then?

Take control of the present, let THAT bring you happiness. This has worked for me, and it always does. Let the past float in the unlikeliness of the present. Keep the thoughts of the present for those sneaky moments, for those upsetting fights, for those days that you feel left-out, or even when the present seems to go in direction you don't want it to.

Learn, and keep on learning. Or rather, remember.

What's been done, has been done. But, what has to be done, should be started off with and finished till you're completely fulfilled. And it is all in our hands. We just fail to see it, sometimes. Don't waste time in thinking about mending, instead, take time out to carve a better present. Take time out to see that the present is what is more important, without which there wouldn't be a past, neither will a future take shape.

 And if a broken heart has not healed, stop the sneaking around.

(Or, you could just...

April 10, 2012

Wonderful Weather Watchman

As you sat through the storm,
That moment had come,
When the dust caught your eye,
And you rubbed it for long,
Till your eyes were proper again,
And the spectacle in front became,
What a few would think as blunt
As a knife not sharp,
Or a pencil that fell,
But, then the rain began to disturb,
What you'd begun to tell.
And the cup of tea you'd made,
Inside in the comfort, that lay,
You pondered whether to go get it,
Or just sit and watch the rain.

April 06, 2012


An apprentice of passion,
A labourer in grey,
Passes by the fraction,
While you weren't there.

And as he walks past the summit,
Of cruelty and death,
You become a dreamer,
And go back to bed.

And as you wake up,
From the sweet slumber,
Your eyes will lead you,
To where there is hunger.

Eat, eat, eat all you want,
Ordinary bliss will fade,
And as soon as you realise,
That is was just a bait,
Your hunger will increase,
And marry your fate.

Too late, it will be,
For you'd be consumed,
Screaming for a choice,
You will meet your doom.

But, if you choose,
To depart from your greed,
Rub your eyes,
Till you know you can really see.

It's these eyes that lead to temptation,
And we are ready to follow;
The worse comes without warning,
And then there is nothing left to swallow.