May 19, 2012


Today finishes,
And begins tomorrow,
So take time out
And realize that you borrow
Too little time
And too little praise
For those who keep you,
And for those who made
You; for who you are,
You are soo splendid,
And apart;
For all those who gave
And never took,
You need to keep them forever,
And you should.

May 12, 2012

Solitary Belief

There lived a man,
Who thought of the world as cruel,
Until he'd met the girl,
Who made his life feel like a jewel.

He would take his dose,
Hysterical and thumped like a fish,
Flatter her with his prose,
And imagine a world full of bliss.

They'd meet under staircases,
While breezes ensued,
Blew her hair and he carved,
What he thought he only knew.

So, a story unfold,
Of a solace man's misery
And his ventures as he roamed,
With all his dignity.

Cherishing their lives,
That ended in a tragedy,
As it had come to suffice,
With a tragic memory.

When the door opened to his life,
And he looked in,
It only felt like it was right,
Till time erased everything.

Broken and torn apart,
With what left him alone,
His silence saw flak,
As he began to mourn.

And silence was what silence could be,
When love would astray and leave behind
What we see, hide and believe
But, always fail to find.

"Oh, awakening,
You came soo late,
You drowned him into craving,
And you made him wait"

And now it's been a while since he drew her,
Close enough to never let go,
He waited like a lover to hold her,
And died, as she could never know.

Warrior In Me, Warrior In You

Constructing some sense,
I walk the line,
I try to think of when,
I'd have to draw mine.

I met some people,
They were pretty bound,
By words soo feeble,
And soo chowed down.

I greeted them with a painting,
Of the world that I knew,
And what they did, looking,
Of which I have no clue.

Their minds were soo bleak,
And filled with grim,
Captured all their need,
Which were full to the brim.

Greed and intolerance,
And a mind not open enough,
To see the benevolence,
Of the world that isn't tough.

On the streets as people lay hungry,
Silver plates are served,
With soo much left for merry,
They're forgotten and never revered.

This happens at these peoples' homes,
And we sit and realize,
Not knowing how and when it goes,
Till there's nothing left to penalize.

Let's break these homes,
And these dumb foundations,
They're alien to our Own,
As this is bad education.

It's these people who make it,
And glorify the artificial,
And, you and I must break in,
To make it more beneficial.


May 06, 2012

Pen, Paper And Things

There are somethings
That even I can't see,
But, those are the things
That I'd want others to believe.

Maybe it's stupid
And naive of me,
To realize that these things
Have no great divinity.

Little things that
I want few people to know
Are what distract me,
And trouble the most.

So, I deal with them
Like I deal with my pen,
Means, I write them down,
And remember then,
That these are the things
That bother me,
I mustn't think of them,
And let myself be.

You know it's true, when he sings this out to you.