June 11, 2012

Close Enough For The Moon (Part III)

A dream-catcher in your bedroom,
But, your room is bare;
Bare without the burdened bloom,
Or, the burden for which you care.

You care for that being,
That being you had met;
Meeting him between tall ceilings,
And bricked trees that weren't wet.

Rain, it never comes with a warning,
A warning that is easy to figure,
For figuring out if it's better or just worsening,
The worse always seems to be clear.

So, if the worst is what you confront,
And confronting it while you sit on a hill,
The trees of this hill will come front,
And help you till you win.

June 04, 2012

Close Enough For The Moon (Part II)

The TV blares;
But, not the wind outside that blows,
For, the wind is real and TV isn't fair,
So be fair, and let the wind be your show.

You see birds come together to follow,
Follow what is ground;
We are grounded by what we swallow,
So, swallow now, what we mound.

This mound is the hearth,
The hearth which is close to our lives,
And our lives on this splendid earth,
Become splendid as we suffice.

Sufficing till the ladder ends,
And it ends where you want it to,
But, it goes on till the very bend,
That very bend, that makes you.

June 01, 2012

Close Enough For The Moon (Part I)

Places that are far away,
Are far away from any thought,
Any thought that seems at bay,
At bay from what is naught.

What is naught is what we imply,
And we imply sudden belief;
This sudden belief is here to reside,
Reside where we are relieved.

And relief follows us to this far place,
This far place close to the Heavens,
The Heavens which are to be our gate,
Our gate to where waits our brethren.

And this brethren has been seen,
Shown to those who are brave,
Bravery thrives and makes us serene,
Serene only till it drives us insane...

(To be continued in Part II)