December 16, 2011

Wolf Child

While we breathe
Crows feed on the Death Silence
New born gravity
It shows no cravings
No Carvings
Just a mind set.

Amidst the borrowing of the Soul
Cries a child
A shy child
The narrow lane exit
Unaware, disarray
Though, determined to go.

Bring back the rose
Take it from the Keeper.

Allow one's negligence to grow?

Busy life troubles
Go on
Trying hard to find time on its own
Dreamer, you become
Can Yesterday be caught?

I wish him a Happy Birthday.

What brings a close idea
No one reclaims or restores
Howls at night
Are heard.

Everlasting change
Keep it.

Hope springs
Imaginations run wild
Creation goes on a trip
While the child bares his Heart.

Cry, if you must.

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