January 22, 2012


Rowing the muddy boat right up to the shore
Of the vast oceans that don’t seem so calm,
Along the windy pathway, a light
Succumbed all the Time, and what was right.

Looking, just looking
But the pale little fisherman
Knew nothing;
Thought of crying out a song,
Not merry at all.

While keeping the place messy-
Fish bones, old boots and catches
Not so perfect;
Diminishing a life which was worth ashes.

A figure in a crimson dress,
Whilst swaying with the darkness of the night
(The moon was not as bright),
Serenading the omnipresent being;
With a humble hand, a dancer
Had come this way to entertain the wild beasts.

Centuries ago, a story intertwined the mysterious form
Whom nobody had seen, so beautiful;
“I am yours, my master”, she said while she brew,
Looking at the forest that grew.

The fisherman followed her tiny little footsteps
He wanted her
To be his own.

Thunder caused her to shriek and shout,
But the trees, they took her in
Like a cloud.

Collapsing as well,
Unto their arms,
The fisherman’s ankle
Had caught a branch.

Over and over, they gushed through the dense
While animals gaped, the Dancer cleansed,
The stranger seemed unaware, unshaken;
Contrasting the shiver and screams of, now, the fisherman.

Reaching aground she noticed him
Shaking and stirring, plucking leaves,
First his eyes and then his heart,
“Who are you?” asked the surprised beauty.
“Your embracer”, said he.

Seeking the deemed world
That often, naïve people hid in;
Wrath and pain combine
A dream was made big.

Walking with burden,
Stroking nothing, but the bait,
His life, it changed;
And change brought him
Bigger things than what he aimed.

Unnatural strength and endurance
Never known.
Mystified bounds of orchids
Everywhere, were sown.

A step at a time,
But no step less,
Came vast hurdles
And Gods to bless.

Journeying around
Nurturing the Old and Needy;
Looking beyond the borders
Was fast and easy.

“Can one ever get tired of their wants?”,
Asked the fisherman, one summer morning
To which the Dancer replied with taunt -

“Oceans are vast, but they keep collecting water,
 Summers are lost, but they keep getting hotter,
 Prayers are not always answered, but they become longer,
 When belief is challenged, it becomes stronger”

The point was made clear
But the love still clot,
For the fisherman was human,
But the Dancer was not.

Truthfully, the fisherman was hurt,
He felt cared for, not loved.
A Helper, a healer, that’s all he was,
He left her two winters later
And he was gone.

Waking up one morning
He felt the urge to decide
“To love and be loved back
I have to give up my pride”.

The same night, the dancer came in his dream
She sung and danced
And told him to sleep.
Seeing her, he didn’t want her to leave
She vanished into the forest,
Crying, he finally fell asleep.

Twenty years later,
She came again,
Crept in his dream like a shadow,
He was entertained.

Surprised, but instead of
Wanting more,
He turned on the lights
And told her to go -

“I don’t need you
 For I have people who I love
 My children are my burden lost,
 And my wife is my trust.
 While they gave me love
 To forget my pride,
 I’ll never forget you,
 For you gave me Life”.

The Dancer was happy
For he had finally understood,
She bid him farewell
To help another Loner and do him good.

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