April 06, 2012


An apprentice of passion,
A labourer in grey,
Passes by the fraction,
While you weren't there.

And as he walks past the summit,
Of cruelty and death,
You become a dreamer,
And go back to bed.

And as you wake up,
From the sweet slumber,
Your eyes will lead you,
To where there is hunger.

Eat, eat, eat all you want,
Ordinary bliss will fade,
And as soon as you realise,
That is was just a bait,
Your hunger will increase,
And marry your fate.

Too late, it will be,
For you'd be consumed,
Screaming for a choice,
You will meet your doom.

But, if you choose,
To depart from your greed,
Rub your eyes,
Till you know you can really see.

It's these eyes that lead to temptation,
And we are ready to follow;
The worse comes without warning,
And then there is nothing left to swallow.

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